The green smoothie: do it or don’t do it

The green smoothie is incredibly popular. If you search on Google for a recipe for a green smoothie, thousands will appear. I am also infected with the virus and regularly drink such a green powerhouse.

Yet it is true that if I drink it too many days in a row, it comes to my nose that I focus again on fruit and vegetables as it is intended: to chew on it and not to get it through 1.5 liters of fluid to take to me.

Why me?

Why did I switch to drink these green smoothies? If I have a long or busy working day, then it sometimes comes to mind that I must adhere to the rule of 2 ounces of vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit. With such a green drink I get everything in the morning with fruit and vegetables. I don’t have to worry about it the rest of the day. This is really my only reason to drink the green smoothie.

Playing with ingredients

In the beginning the taste and substance of the green drink took some getting used to, but soon I had found the right balance. I vary and play with the ingredients so that I get a variety of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals every time.
Sometimes it tastes better to me than the other time. There are also times when it makes me sick and the green drink is abhorred. I now drink my green brew twice a week for breakfast or for lunch. This way it stays nice and manageable.

Not just smoothies

If you read the blogs or on the internet about the green smoothie, they are almost nothing but praising words. These range from getting better skin to losing fat. You feel more energetic and it detoxifies. However, it is not only positive and it is certainly not wise to just drink smoothies. It is important for people to chew.
By chewing, saliva is produced which protects our teeth against cavities. It also ensures that our food is split / digested, so that it can be absorbed better in our body. Variation remains the key word.

What about losing weight

If you want to lose weight it is wise to eat more fruits and vegetables, because these are good carbohydrates and sugars that are dosed into the bloodstream and therefore have a positive effect on blood sugar. This remains stable.
I therefore always advise you to eat fruit and vegetables as intended and to chew them well. You become saturated faster so that you eat less. If you are going to drink smoothies like a madman, this can sometimes have the opposite effect, because fruit and vegetables also contain calories.

Conclusion: Listen to your body

Of course a green smoothie is healthy and especially if you prefer this to a can of coke. Keep thinking about why you drink this and not just to get involved with a hype or other popular reasons. Listen to your body and do everything in moderation.